Our Vision

Livefit Australia Limited functions as a community-based organisation providing a range of health promotion services that reflect and support the following statements.

Purpose – to support and empower people by giving them the knowledge, skills & capabilities to live a healthy life & realise their full potential.
Vision – an active community where people can realise their potential if they have a healthy mind & body.
Values – the core values underpinning the organisation include integrity, compassion, respect, professionalism and perseverance.

The mission of Livefit Australia Limited is to engage, inform, and activate members of the community and provide them with practical tools to make ‘living fit, happy and healthy’ an easy and sustainable process and seeks to accomplish its principles and directions by:

    • Providing programs to the community which promote a healthy and active way of life.
    • Helping through mentoring and leadership initiatives to improve mental health in the community.
    • Foster a commitment to people that promotes health, wellbeing, strong interpersonal & leadership skills by reasserting the value in fitness & nutrition.