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Optimise your riding position with a bike fitting

A comprehensive bike fitting with Andrew Budge will improve efficiency and comfort, minimise the risk of injury and make your cycling more enjoyable. We will help you get the most out of your existing bike or help you find the bike that is best suited to your body type and riding application.

Triathlon bike fitting in Perth

Triathlon and time trial bike fitting has unique challenges for the athlete and is a delicate balance to optimise power, aerodynamics, function and comfort. Fitting a rider for an Ironman triathlon, a time trial or a pursuit race in the velodrome event is inherently different and different considerations are made for each.

The best bike fitting service in Perth!

We have developed our bike fitting protocol over the last twenty years working with medical professionals, athletes, leading bike brands and all types of cyclists in Perth, Western Australia. Book today!

Here's what our clients are saying:

I really enjoyed the bike fitting with Andrew. He took a history, so many measurements, assessed my flexibility, how my career affected by posture, future race plans, strengths and weaknesses. I don’t doubt that he was also observing and understanding a lot more than I was verbally communicating.

… this all was before even looking at the bike, shoes and getting me on and off the trainer

Andrew also made recommendations with regards to other attributes that I should consider working upon and a number of options and people that could help.

- I’m now more comfortable on the bike in the aero position
- more stable at high speed
- riding faster and more efficiently
- my running legs feel less fatigued, even after a 90Km race sim

I’ve also had my my Budge-recommended saddle and aero bars fitted, along with cleat adjustments. Efficiency and performance just keeps getting better.

I wish I’d known about the Pre-Purchase Measurement service. Next time.

Well worth it from a performance perspective. Well worth it from an injury prevention perspective. I strongly recommend visiting Budgie, he’s a bike and athlete jedi super wizard!

Matt Genevieve

So glad I had Andrew fitting and recommending both my roadie and time trial bike as an independent fitter. Never any niggles while riding, or when running off the bike. Highly recommended if you're looking for someone who really cares about what's best for you as an athlete. Thanks Andrew!

Rob Pouw

Sian Morris

What's included?

Perth's most comprehensive and detailed bike fitting service for road, MTB, track, cyclocross, triathlon and time trial bikes. Suitable for cyclists of all levels, every rider can benefit from our knowledge and experience.

Bike Fitting Interview +

We aim to understand as much as possible about you, your life and your cycling. Knowing your future aspirations and current cycling limitations will help us determine your bike position based on your fitness, aspirations and the type of cycling you do. We will spend time exploring any past or current injury or discomfort symptoms, both on and off the bike. This helps us to understand what muscular weaknesses you have any issues with the previous bike set up during the consultation.

Physical evaluation +

Body measurements, stability, gait and range of motion assessments will help us build a picture of your individual biomechanics and physical conditioning prior to riding on the bike. Particular attention is paid to understanding your feet as a correctly adjusted shoe/pedal interface can improve pedalling dynamics, performance and comfort.

Comprehensive bike fitting +

We will adjust your bike to reflect your new position and advise and/or fit any new components needed to achieve this. You will receive a full report containing the recommended set-up for your bicycle and a record of adjustments made to the bike and your shoes and any component changes. You will also receive advice on posture if needed and strength and conditioning guidance.

Foot assessment and cleat adjustments +

We will measure the size of your feet, forefoot angle and arch height and advise on the correct shoe design. The pedal cleats will be set in the correct position and adjustments made to ensure optimum performance.

Andrew Budge has over 20 years of professional bike fitting experience in Perth

Improve efficiency and comfort, minimise the risk of injury and make your cycling more enjoyable today.