Best Gym in Bassendean?

What is the best gym in Bassendean?

Are you looking for the best value personal training or a 24/7 gym that is affordable and friendly for all fitness levels? Then Livefit Australia at Bassendean Oval is for you!

We are a not-for-profit enterprise aiming to improve the health, fitness and nutrition of our community through our wide variety of services which include personal training, coaching services, professional bike fitting, physiotherapy, nutrition advice and many more.

Our 1-on-1 training follows a holistic approach to meeting the needs of our clients and includes advanced training programmes, nutrition advice and monitoring, massage therapies and much more.

Why is Livefit the Best Gym in Bassendean?

• Affordable fitness – 24/7 gym access costing only $9.99/week
• No lock-in contracts, no sign-up fees, no-nonsense
• Over 30 years of 1-On-1 training experience
• Established in 1990 and still going strong!

Get Started Today!

If you are based in Bassendean or any of the surrounding suburbs like South Guildford, Guildford, Ashfield, Bayswater, or Eden Hill then Livefit Australia is for you.

We’re conveniently located within the grounds of Bassendean Oval, so come and say hello at 140 Old Perth Road, Bassendean. We’re available by phone 1800 861 161 or by email whenever you need us.

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